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Model: FS-LVA02812D

Model: FS-LVA1230D

Focal length:2.8-12mm
Format cover(inch):1/3
Field of View(horizontal):105-40
Min.object Distance:0.3m
Iris:auto(DC drive)

Focal length:12-30mm
Format cover(inch):1/3
Field of View(horizontal):50-9
Min.object Distance:1.3m
Dimension(mm): F32×70
Iris: auto(DC drive)

Model: TTP414VT
Model: TTP111VL/VCT

4 Channel Passive Transceivers
Input :4 x BNC female
Output:1x RJ45 female + 8 pin Terminal block

Video Transceiver with 9" mini coax cable
BNC male to terminal Block.
Weather Proof. IP65
compact size, perfect to Multiplexer, Quad, DVR .etc.;


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NEW Catalogue Vol.15

New Products Release

IP/POE Transmission

IP01/IP02/IP03 Smart IP Camera Long Distance Transmission Cabling Solutions, over CAT5 or Coax Cable up to 1.5KM.

IP02P IP Extender with Power over Coax (PoE over Coax)

IP03P POE Extender over Two Wire Cable

IP04,IP04X POE(Power Over Ethnet) Repeater, maximum repeat range of 600M.

IP05H, IP06H High Power POE Switch

HDMI, HD-SDI Transmission

SDI05  HD-SDI CAT5 Extender

SDI03 3G/HD-SDI to HDMI/Component Video Converter

HE04M 4 x 4 HDMI (HDBaseT) Matrix Switcher

VGA,DVI Transmission

VD04A  1 Input 4 Output VGA Distributor with Stereo Audio

VKM03  VGA & USB with Stereo Audio, RS232, IR CAT5 Extender

DE01U  DVI with USB 1.1 CAT5 Extender over two CAT5

VD102/105 CAT5 1 in 2 or 5 out VGA Distributor

KM001 Keyboard Mouse Baluns(CAT5 Extender upto 300 feet)

TTP111VGA Passive VGA Baluns(CAT5 Extender upto 400 feet)

Audio Video Transmission

TTP111VE,TTP111VEL Low cost, Mini UTP Video Baluns

Wall Plate Mount Mutimedia AV CAT5 Transmission Solutions

TPP016VPD 16 Channel Video, Power, Data CCTV UTP Hub with UL Approved AC Power Supply

One Coax Transmission

VDS2500 Two Video/Power/Aalrm Over One Coax Cable


GB001 Vidoe Ground Loop Isolator Built In Video BALUN

AD001 Analog Video to VGA convertor - turn your computor Monitor to CCTV Monitor!

CD816P Programmable Video Distributor and Switcher

TTP111VPK Video & Power Over CAT5

PTT-100VS Video Balun Built in Surge Protector and Noise Filter.




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